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Vessu Build eCommerce shopping carts with memberships.

Shopping Cart & Online Store

shopping cart softwareCreating your own online store with a shopping cart and a membership system has never been this easy. Built on the globally recognized payment platform PayPal, Vessu is a hosted eCommerce service that enables everyone to create their own online shops to sell products, services and memberships, digital or tangible.

Sell digital downloads

Sell downloads of virtual goodsVessu is an autopilot vendoring machine. The buyer automatically gains access to your digital product after paying via PayPal. You will be notified by email. You can choose to do something or nothing at all. The deal is closed and the customer has got what he (she) wants.

Sell club memberships

Build membership portals to sell membershipsSetting up a membership site is a breeze with Vessu. You can choose to charge either a one-time fee or recurring subscriptions. Member privileges such as viewing or downloading premium content will be automatically granted to the customer after payment. Totally autopilot.

Sell one-time services or whatever

Sell your technical / creative services or whateverJust need a simple page for your clients to make a payment? No problem. You can freely create as many individual pages at Vessu as you need. Whatever it is, if you believe someone would be interested in paying you for that, do it.

Sell tangible goods

Sell tangible goods that need shippedNot only can you set up automatic delivery of virtual products, you can sell tangible goods at Vessu as well. Whenever someone checks out from your store and makes a payment, you are dispatched an email immediately so that you will take necessary actions such as shipping out the ordered item.

Free promotion

One of the major benefits our users receive by using Vessu is that their products and services are instantly listed in our Marketplace for the world to see. It's like a public article directory, only with digital products and premium membership content. However, you can opt out of the free listing anytime you want.

How do we live

We ask for 2.5% of every sale you make. No monthly subscriptions or whatsoever. Absolutely no hidden fees other than that. So Vessu is completely free to use unless you are making money. A cost-friendly eCommerce platform for average webmasters and Internet marketers finally.